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It is one of the psychotic mental disorders and is characterized by symptoms of thought, behavior, and social problems. The thought problems associated with schizophrenia are described as psychosis, in that the person's thinking is completely out of touch with reality at times. For example, the sufferer may hear voices or see people that are in no way present or feel like bugs are crawling on their skin when there are none. The individual with this disorder may also have disorganized speech, disorganized behavior, physically rigid or lax behavior (catatonia), significantly decreased behaviors or feelings, as well as delusions, which are ideas about themselves or others that have no basis in reality (for example, experience the paranoia of thinking others are plotting against them when they are not).

Case Study

This is a story of a young girl 16 years of age brought to me by her parents residing in a town 100 km near Surat, the father started narrating it this way

"My daughter as such is very intelligent but since few months her communication is reduce drastically she doesn't talk , she doesn't go out of house or even do not eat or sleep properly"

further he stated her self care is poor, gets irritated easily.. quarrel with family members on matters which never happened. Sits on the door all the time staring on certain things laughing to herself and cooks her own food. As father was of good reputation was afraid to say anything else. But that girl interrupted our conversation and told  that these things started long back when she was in early years of school. A teacher scolded her and now she is hearing that teacher talking bad about her.

Doctor's observation after treatment :

On giving medicine she responded positively ,on the very second visit I saw good amount of changes in her way of talking and her dress was also  relatively improved. After 7 the follow up her father cried out of happiness as his daughter was behaving as good as never before. I still remember his words" Doctor u saved my child's life and I'm in debt of u" this girl was suffering from schizophrenia since years and was not treated by any professional.

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