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Depression is a low mood that lasts for a long time, and affects your everyday life. It feels like I'm stuck under a huge grey-black cloud. It's dark and isolating, smothering me at every opportunity.

No one rejects, dislikes, or avoids pleasure itself, because it is pleasure, but because those who do not know how to pursue pleasure rationally encounter consequences

Case Study

In today's era the burning problem our society is facing is of adjustment disorder. The main reason being difference of opinion,communication gap,generation gap. Be it before marriage or after marriage, adjustment disability is causing turmoil in families.

One such case is shared below : female of about 30 yrs  ...married since 3 yrs. 

Initial years were fairly good. Gradually daily arguments continued to stress. Pt became biased and started getting irritated at slightest difference of opinion, minor criticism. Every statement told to her by in-laws, husband used to pierce her mind causing immense emotional pain. Gradually she started having indifference towards husband and consequently their marital life was also affected. Terms with mother in law were spoiled to the worst.

She started having sleep disturbance, poor motivation for work, her job was affected, profound sadness, weeping spells..

Doctor's observation after treatment :

After 5-6 months she was brought to us.

After detailed history and analysing her complains she was prescribed antidepressants, to which she responded drastically within 3 weeks. Improvement further progressed and rejoined her job within 6 weeks.

Now she is able to handle the routine work and domestic issues easily without disturbing her Psyche. This was a case of adjustment disorder with depression .

Kira 26 years old, married before 2 years. It was the happiest day when her gynaecologist confirmed her pregnancy. She went for her regular check ups. Everything went normally and finally the day arrived when she delivered a healthy baby boy.


Delivery was normal and she was discharged from hospital next day. Later on, after 2-3 days she started having c/o sleep disturbance. Gradually she started having negative thoughts, worthless feeling, profound sadness, poor motivation for work, emotionally cold. She couldn't even take care of her kid. His cry didn't affect her much

The stage worsened, she constantly started having suicidal thoughts.

Doctor's observation :

When she was brought to us, her condition was very miserable. Eyes swollen due to excessive weeping, gloomy look. Crying even while narrating her complaints. After taking optimum dose of antidepressants, within 15-20 days her conditions improved and she returned to her normal routine within 3 months. 

We may wander why suddenly it happened to her but many times hormonal changes occurring in a female may cause turmoil emotionally. Becoming difficult for her to manage it. This disturbance is termed postpartum depression.

A young girl aged 19 came to us on mid September-2015..She was a shy girl .completely covered in her burkhas..
When i asked her what was the complain,,she looked down without respond..again when I asked she looked at her mother..and asked Mother to narrate her complain..

As soon as the mother strted narrating her complain she strted crying.. 

Since a fortnight, the patient had excessive repetitive thoughts..had a strong desire to abuse God. She had misbelief of hearing voices. She felt ants are crawling on her body. She had severe burning in chest and all over body along with vomiting, breathlessness and discomfort. She also had lost 3 kg weight in this fortnight. All her complains were worsening in the evening. She was having disturbed sleep.

The stage worsened, she constantly started having suicidal thoughts.

Doctor's observation :

We strted with a broad spectrum anti depressant along with  mild antipsychotic med.. On her first follow up she had improved by just 30%. Slowly and gradually we increase the dose till she settled out..Now she is fine. She can pray to god now and does good tailoring work .She has also gained weight.

Initially she had a few side effects but our counselling and her patience helped her a lot. Now she is fine.this was a case of depresion with anxiety. 

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